Who Makes Master Spas

Is Master Spas a good brand?

Master Spas is a decent hot tub manufacturer that builds all products in the US. It offers a good variety of spas, especially in the entry and mid-level range, though the best features like the MasterBlaster foot massage system are only available at higher price tiers.

How are Master Spas rated?

At Master Spas, we value the feedback that our customers provide after making a purchase. With nearly 150 reviews and an average rating of 4.5, Master Spas' Twilight Series 7.2 comes out on top. Relaxing in a hot tub, like the Twilight Series 7.2, on a regular basis can help reduce stress and help you sleep better.

How long has Master Spa been in business?

Master Spas started in 1996 with fewer than a dozen employees. Now it has nearly 1,000 workers at its state-of-the-art complex in southwest Fort Wayne at 7102 Lincoln Parkway.

Where are Master Spas manufactured?

Master Spas is the largest hot tub manufacturer to have 100 percent of its production in the U.S. On our state-of-the-art 32-acre campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we manufacture five brands of hot tubs and two brands of swim spas.

How expensive are Master Spas?

Master Spas prices

Most Master Spas hot tubs cost between $6,000 and $15,000. Master Spas doesn't display pricing online, but you can find the cost of specific models by contacting your nearest Master Spas dealer. You can also request hot tub or swim spa pricing using Master Spas' contact forms.

Who is the CEO of Master Spas?

Bob Lauter, CEO of Master Spas, was inducted into the Greater Fort Wayne Business Hall of Fame at the Junior Achievement BEL (Business Education Leadership) Awards, held last night.

Who is the largest hot tub manufacturer?

Top Hot Tub Manufacturers in the USA

Company Annual Est. Revenue
1. Masco Corporation $8 Billion
2. Jacuzzi Brands LLC $1.29 Billion
3. Bullfrog International LC $518 Million
4. Cal Spas $57 Million

Is Chris Wheatley a master spa dealer?

He was a co-founder of Canadian Spa Co., which supplies hot tubs to big-box retailers in the European market. Wheatley is no longer involved in the firm, but rather, is focusing on retail as a Master Spas dealer in Fall River, Nova Scotia.

Is Bullfrog a good hot tub?

Is Bullfrog Spas a good brand? Yes, Bullfrog Spas is a good brand. The hot tubs and spas feature quality materials and offer a wide range of customizable amenities, including JetPak therapy jets, self-regulating water care and more.

How much are Michael Phelps swim spas?

Swim Spa: The price of a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa includes the unit and the features you choose. If you are interested in a Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spa, you can request pricing from a Master Spas retailer. However, the swim spa price range is between $20,000 and $50,000.

Where are Sundance Spas made?

After spending nearly a year looking for a great lower priced product company to buy, Leisure Manufacturing, the manufacturer of Dream Maker and Sunrise Spas have been acquired along with their manufacturing locations in Lake Mary Florida and Grimsby Ontario.

What is the quietest hot tub?

Put a Hot Spring -the World's Quietest Brand-at Olympic Hot Tub at the top of your list. Many of the hot tubs in our 5 showrooms are filled with water so you can come try them AND hear the quiet for yourself.

Are American Spas any good?

Excellent value and nice looking spa. Make sure you have MANY strong friends since this is "curb" delivered. Six grown men moved mine and they had to stop and rest 4 times over only 150 feet. Now for the good part, heats up fast, jets are adjustable and the light in the bottom and on the waterfall are a plus.

How long can you stay in a hot tub?

The general guidance is around 20 – 30 minutes at one time, so if you do want to enjoy your hot tub for longer you can always have a break and get back in. Always stay hydrated, and keep some drinking water nearby to replace your fluids.

How many gallons is a master spa hot tub?

Dimensions 94" x 94" x 38" (239 cm x 239 cm x 97 cm)
Gallons 380 (1,438 L)
Power Requirement 240 V / 50 Amp
Seating Capacity 6

Are salt water hot tubs better?

Though they carry chlorine, salt water hot tubs and pools are gentler on the eyes, scalp, and skin. It fosters buoyancy, which can be very beneficial in the overall relaxation experience of the hot tub. Salt water does not produce an unpleasant odor.

Are Catalina Spas good?

Catalina Spas are a great option if you want to go to town on additional features and snazzy details, like waterfalls and magnetic pillows. Their prices start within the mid-range, but with add-ons, your tub can end up as expensive as you would like it to be, give or take whichever features you want to bolt-on.

Is buying a hot tub worth it?

When you use your hot tub regularly and thoroughly enjoy its intended benefits, it's worth the investment. When you choose the right hot tub, you won't regret the investment. In fact, you'll most likely discover the benefits you never even expected.

Is Jacuzzi a good hot tub?

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs has an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau where we found some complaints under the hot tub division that were for products other than hot tubs. On ConsumerAffairs, Jacuzzi rates at 3 stars; however, this rating again includes reviews for products other than hot tubs.

Do you need to use chlorine with spa Marvel?

Spa Marvel is NOT a sanitizer and will not kill bacteria in the tub. So it must be used with a sanitizer of some sort, be it bromine or chlorine, to kill any bacteria that are in the tub.

Does Bullfrog Spas use Balboa?

Balboa makes several of the control panels used in Bullfrog Spas. These are some of the finest hot tub control systems on the market that are made by Balboa Water Group (formerly Balboa Instruments). See our Balboa Control Panels or contact us if you need assistance finding the right control for your Bullfrog spa.

How much does a bullfrog R7 cost?

Re: 2018 Bullfrog R7 Pricing

Were at 9695.00 with no circ or ozone.

Who is the owner of Bullfrog spas?

Jerry Pasley / President & CEO

Pasley is also a director of the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals.

Can you actually swim in a swim spa?

A swim spa is a unit with a built-in current system that allows you to swim on the spot continuously. Using either standard jet pumps or propellor to push a consistent current towards the swimmer. These units tend to be portable and self-contained, however swim units can be fitted to the side of swimming pools too.

What does a swim spa cost?

How much do swim spas cost? Swim spas vary dramatically in cost depending on size, jet power, features and installation. A basic model costs about $4,000, while more expensive swim spas, complete with custom features, cost upward of $30,000.

How many gallons in a Michael Phelps swim spa?

2,275 Gallons
Dimensions 215" x 94" x 60" (546 cm x 239 cm x 152 cm)
Water Depth 4' 6" (137.16 cm)
Water Capacity 2,275 Gallons (8,612 L)

Does Jacuzzi own Sundance?

In January of 2019, Investindustrial VI L.P., an investment group, made the move to acquire Jacuzzi Brands. This acquisition has allowed them to become the parent company for Jacuzzi Brands and, of course, Sundance® Spas.

Are Sundance Spas made in Mexico?

A little over a year ago, Jacuzzi & Sundance have moved all manufacturing to Mexico. Their headquarters are still in Chino, CA.

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