Who Is Darius In Catching Fire

Who is Darius in The Hunger Games?

Darius is a young Peacekeeper who Katniss considers her friend. He tried to interfere with Gale's lashing but was knocked unconscious. He was later turned into an Avox for his actions. Darius died in the Capitol during Mockingjay in the presence of Peeta.

What happened to Darius in Hunger Games?

Death. Darius is tortured in Mockingjay alongside Lavinia for interrogation about the rebels but since he is an Avox, he is unable to answer their questions. It took a few days to kill Darius as they beat him and continued to cut off body parts.

Why did Darius become avox?

Another known Avox is Darius, a former Peacekeeper in District 12. He was a friend of Katniss. He became an Avox after trying to stop Romulus Thread, the new Head Peacekeeper of District 12, from whipping Katniss' friend, Gale.

What did haymitch advice Peeta and Katniss?

Katniss and Peeta say their goodbyes to Haymitch and Effie. In the morning they will leave for the arena. Haymitch tells them that, when the gong sounds and the Games officially begin, they should run away. He reminds her of Haymitch's advice: run, then find water.

Is Katniss pregnant in Book 2?

Peeta tells Caesar that he and Katniss are already married. According to Peeta, the two married in secret and Katniss is now pregnant.

How is Katniss in Peeta's debt again?

Katniss is in Peeta's debt again because she tries to speak to the Avox during supper when this is not allowed. Peeta saves her buy explaining that they know the Avox from school not from being out in the woods where Katniss is not allowed.

Is Peeta a traitor?

Replying to Caesar's question about his thoughts on the current war, Peeta encourages a cease-fire, claiming that a war will mean the destruction of all humanity. The interview ends, but not before Katniss realizes that Peeta's support of a cease-fire makes him a traitor of the revolution.

Where does Peeta take Katniss?

There's an electrified field around it so tributes can't jump off, and Peeta leads Katniss to a garden where wind chimes and the wind will cover their voices. Katniss says she and Gale were hunting in the woods one day when they saw a ragged-looking girl and boy running in terror.

Who wins the 2nd Hunger Games?

The 2nd Hunger Games were won by 18 year old Baron Overwhill. These games weren't as popular but they were somewhat as this year the Careers had most of the spotlight, as usual.

How did Cecilia win the Hunger Games?

In combat, The District 4 male came out with serious wounds, and the District 7 male was killed. The District 4 male went after Cecelia but was trapped in a net she had set sewn out of vines (since she's from 8,). He died within minutes of his wounds, making Cecelia victor and she had 7 kills.

Why can't Pollux talk Hunger Games?

Pollux is an Avox, or a mute; he lost his voice as punishment for a crime and had to serve as a mute servant in the Capitol for years.

Who is waiting for Katniss at her home?

At Haymitch's house, Haymitch, who is an alcoholic, is barely coherent. Peeta is there, and he and Katniss exchange a few strained words. Haymitch says they have to warm up to each other before the cameras show up. When Katniss gets home, she finds President Snow waiting for her.

Who is waiting for Katniss when she arrives from the woods?

She finds two Peacekeepers waiting for her, and by their surprise she knows they must have expected she wouldn't be able to make it back past the fence. They ask where she's been, and she lies convincingly with the help of Prim. Peeta and Haymitch are there as well, and Katniss thinks must have been called there.

Who plays the head peacekeeper in Catching Fire?

Commander Romulus Thread is a minor antagonist from Catching Fire, the second book of The Hunger Games trilogy, as well as in the movie with the same name. He is the brutal and sadistic Head Peacekeeper of District 12. He was portrayed by Patrick St. Esprit in the film.

What is injected under Kat's skin before the games?

What is injected under Kat\\\\\\\'s skin before the Games? Why? A tracking device, so the Gamemakers can trace her location in the arena.

Why is it important to Peeta that he dies himself?

6. Why is it important to Peeta that he “dies himself”? -Peeta doesn't want to turn into a monster and be a piece in their games. He wants to stay as himself, because the Capitol don't own him.

What was in the parachute after Rue died?

The dying Rue takes Katniss's hand and tells her she has to win. She asks Katniss to sing to her. A parachute lands in front of Katniss and it's a small loaf of bread. It comes from District 11, Rue's home.

Who does Gale end up with?

In the Mockingjay movie, Katniss confronts Gale about his role in Prim's death, which he struggles to come to terms with. Katniss, unable to look at him the same way, lets him walk away without a word and eventually ended up living with Peeta.

Why does Peeta's father the baker visitor Katniss before she has to leave for the Capitol?

They see it as an honor to serve as tribute, and tributes from those districts almost always win. Katniss' next visitor is Peeta's father, the baker. They hardly speak, but he gives her cookies. Before he leaves, he promises to make sure that Prim is getting enough to eat.

What does Katniss think of twins act?

1. What does Katniss think of the “twins” act? -She thinks that the whole act isn't good because it'll go wrong, because in the games they have to fight against each other.

Why is Kat ashamed of not helping the boy and girl who were being chased by the Capitol hovercraft?

Kat feels ashamed because she didn't help Avox. She watched the Capitol mutilate her and kill the boy -just like watching the Hunger Games. Kat wonders if Avox will enjoy watching her die because she didn't help her; Avox's revenge.

Was Peeta's family killed?

It is revealed in Mockingjay that he and the rest of Peeta's family were unable to escape and were killed when District 12 was bombed. Mr. Mellark was included in the memory book Katniss, Peeta, and Haymitch made of the people who were important to them that died because of the Capitol.

Why did Peeta lose a leg?

You wouldn't have guessed it from the way the film made it appear; however, Peeta's injury was much worse than you thought. It was so bad, the Capitol deemed his leg unsaleable, hacked it off and replaced it with an artificial one. When Caesar asks Peeta how his new leg is working out.

What big surprise does Kat get at the end of Chapter 11?

What big surprise does Kat get at the end of Chapter 11? She finds out that Peeta is working with Careers and they are going to kill her.

At what skill is gale better than Katniss?

test date: May 20, 2015

Question Answer
At what skill is Gale better than Katniss? setting snares
Who or what is Katniss named after? a plant with edible roots
Who gives Katniss the mockingjay pin? Madge
Why does the Capitol hold the Hunger Games? to remind the districts that they are powerless against it

What does Haymitch mean when he says don't have to he's already there?

What does Haymitch mean when he says, "Don't have to. He's already there"? That Peeta is already in love with Katniss, so he doesn't have to pretend.

What is the 3rd Hunger Games about?

It is chronologically the last installment of The Hunger Games series, following 2008's The Hunger Games and 2009's Catching Fire. The book continues the story of Katniss Everdeen, who agrees to unify the districts of Panem in a rebellion against the tyrannical Capitol.

Where was Peeta at the end of Catching Fire?

Katniss gets pissed at Haymitch because he promised that Peeta would stay alive and she would die. But also because she finds out that Peeta was taken to the Capitol with Johanna. She also learns that Brutus killed Chaff and so Peeta killed Brutus.

What does Katniss call the cameraman?

Pollux is an Avox cameraman who films Katniss Everdeen in the District 13 propos.

What does haymitch say about Peeta and Katniss holding hands?

5. What does Haymitch think of Peeta and Katniss holding hands? -He thinks it was a good thing, it's like rebellion because they present each other as friends and this makes it more interesting the audience loves them, because it's different, it's not what every other district is doing.

What is Pollux signing in Mockingjay?

Pollux (Elden Henson), an avox, is signing in American Sign Language to Castor (Wes Chatham) when he is introduced to Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence). He signs, "She is beautiful", and Castor signs back in agreement.

What happens to Peeta's leg?

Part of Peeta's left leg was amputated following the 74th Hunger Games, forcing him to walk with the aid of a prosthetic leg for the rest of his life. In the 2012 film adaptation, his leg is never amputated.

What does Katniss body look like after she has been in recovery?

Katniss' body has been polished, her skin smooth and free of scars, and her hearing has been completely restored in her left ear. She's very skinny, and the dress that Cinna gives her has padding in the breasts to give her curves.

Who is Darius Cray?

Cray was the Head Peacekeeper of District 12 before he was replaced by Romulus Thread. He is described to be an older Peacekeeper, much unlike other Peacekeepers Darius or Purnia, with a few strands of silvery hair combed sideways over his unusually red face. He is infamous for paying young women to sleep with him.

Who are Cray and Darius different from one another?

Darius is a Peacekeeper who flirts with Katniss. He frequents the hob even though it is illegal and Katniss is fond of him. He is really nice. Cray is the Head Peacekeeper and he pays poor women and girls in District 12 to sleep with him.

Who are Bonnie and twill?

Bonnie and Twill, two runaways from District 8, serve as messengers. They come to Katniss at a pivotal moment in Catching Fire to both ask for help and provide illumination. They tell Katniss that District 8 has rebelled and clue her in to the possible existence of District 13.

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