Who Are The Main Characters In Blood On The River

What is the boys name in the blood the river?

Samuel Collier is an 11-year-old orphan boy from England. Before he leaves for James Town, he is always hungry, and has chosen to live on the streets instead of the poorhouse where his mother died. He is caught stealing a locket and imprisoned.

What was James last name in blood on the river?

In Blood on the River: James Town, 1607, Elisa Carbone narrates the establishment of the Jamestown colony in Virginia through the eyes of young Samuel Collier. Samuel is joined by Reverend Hunt, a Christian missionary, and Captain John Smith, a criminal turned British officer/commoner.

What is Pocahontas real name in blood on the river?

Pocahontas (US: /ˌpoʊkəˈhɒntəs/, UK: /ˌpɒk-/; born Amonute, known as Matoaka, c. 1596 – March 1617) was a Native American woman, belonging to the Powhatan people, notable for her association with the colonial settlement at Jamestown, Virginia.

Who does Richard serve in blood on the river?

We are the two boys Reverend Hunt decided to bring with him on this journey to the New World. Richard is to be the reverend's servant, and I am to serve a man called Captain John Smith.

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