Where Can I Find My Navy Profile Sheet

What is a profile sheet Navy?

A profile sheet is a comprehensive record of a Sailor's results after they have taken an advancement examination. Profile sheets also use results from previous examinations to show Sailors their weaknesses and strengths in comparison to their peers.

How do I access Navy EAW?

A System Access Authorization Request (SAAR) must be completed to establish an EAW Command Reviewer account in NSIPS. To begin the process, click on the New Users (NSIPS, CIMS, Web Ad Hoc) link under the System Access Authorization Request (SAAR) section on the NSIPS Homepage as shown below.

What is a Navy worksheet?

What is a profile sheet?

Description. Metal profile sheets are metal structural members that due to the fact they can have different profiles, with different heights and different thickness, engineers and architects can use them for a huge variety of buildings, from a simple industrial building to a high demand design building.

How do I access Bupers online?

  • From Home.
  • Go to the BUPERS website.
  • Type in your Social Security number.
  • Click Log On . ”
  • Click to accept the warning statement.
  • Enter a new password for your account.
  • Enter your password.
  • Enter your personal information.
  • How do I access my Navy profile sheet from home?

    Sailors can log onto the Navy Knowledge Online (NKO) home page and select Navy Advancement Center under the Career Management drop-down tab, then click on My Advancement to access the Advancement Profile Sheet link. At the top of the profile sheet, there is a block to enter an email address.

    How long does a separation quota remain in C way?

    3. Separation Quotas remain in C-WAY until the Sailor has effected separation, or the Sailor is reset by the cognizant Enlisted Community Manager (ECM).

    What is high tenure Navy?

    Navy High Year of Tenure

    Rank Total Years Active-Duty Service Total Years Reserve Service
    E1/E2 4 years 6 years
    E3 6 years 10 years
    E4 10 years 12 years
    E5 16 years 20 years

    What does EAW stand for in Navy?

    The automated Enlisted Advancement Worksheet (EAW) continues to be developed in the Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS). System testing and development of training modules will help ensure there is a seamless transition from paper worksheets to this new enlisted advancement modernization capability.

    How do you print the Navy worksheet?

    Where can I take the PMK EE?

    Sailors can access the PMK-EE through MyNavy Portal (MNP), Navy e-Learning (NeL), Submarine On-Board Training (SOBT) and the PMK-EE app via Navy App Locker (see attachment), available at the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

    What is an EP in the Navy?

    "An 'EP' (early promote) evaluation gives you a 4.0, a 'MP' (must promote) evaluation gives a 3.8 and a 'P'(promote) evaluation gives a 3.6," said Personnel Specialist Seaman Apprentice Langston Hooper.

    What does PMA stand for Navy?

    I. Weapon System Acquisition Program Program Manager Air (PMA)265 manages the variants and subsystems of the F/A-18, including i. Page 1.

    How long does it take to make e5 in the Navy?

    For advancement to E-5, member must have 12 months TIR as an E-4. For advancement to E-6, member must have a minimum of 36 months TIR as an E-5*. The TIR requirement for advancement to E-6 can be waived for up to one year for those with demonstrated superior performance.

    What can be seen in a plan and profile sheet?

    required to accurately represent existing features and to convey details and quantities for the proposed work

  • 1 Preparation.
  • 2 Scale.
  • 3 Sheet Numbers.
  • 4 Benchmarks.
  • 5 Curve Data.
  • 6 General Notes.
  • 7 Interchanges.
  • 8 Reference Point Sheet.
  • What is the plan sheet?

    1 a detailed scheme, method, etc., for attaining an objective. 2 sometimes pl a proposed, usually tentative idea for doing something. 3 a drawing to scale of a horizontal section through a building taken at a given level.

    Is Profile by Sanford worth it?

    Its an investment for sure but totally worth it! The coaches here are so nice and are willing to step in and help however they can, that is probably my favorite part because going through this journey alone has never been successful for me. Also, the food is really good, so that tends to help a lot!!

    Can I access Bupers without CAC?

    The Navy's first venture into CAC-free access started in Dec. At this time, access to Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) and BUPERS Online (BOL) will still require CAC access and will not be accessible from mobile devices without using a CAC.

    How do you get to Bupers?

    Access BUPERS online via your Navy issued Common Access Card. www.bol.navy.mil. Once in BOL in the BOL Application menu, look 2/3 of the way down the screen and you will see a link for PRIMS. Conversely you can access it at www.bol.navy.mil/PRIMS.

    How do I access Bol?

  • Click on the link above.
  • Select your DOD Email Certificate.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "CAC Login"
  • Select your DOD Email Certificate.
  • Enter your PIN.
  • Click "OK"
  • How are passed not advanced points calculated?

    PNA (Passed Not Advanced) Points are added to your FMS (E-4/5/6 only) if you pass the test, but are not advanced. PNA Points come from two sources, your exam Standard Score (SS) and your Performance Mark Average (PMA). You can receive up to 1.5 Points each for PMA and SS per exam with a maximum of 3.0 per exam.

    How long can you extend in the navy?

    a. The enlistment contract cannot be extended for more than 48 aggregate months. b. Extension agreements authorized during initial recruit enlistment contracts for 6-year obligation and 5-year enlistment programs count against the authorized months of extension per reference (a).

    When reading your exam profile sheet to determine if you were selected for advancement you should use what two numbers?

    When reading your exam profile sheet, to determine if you were selected for advancement, you should use what two numbers? The minimum multiple required and your final multiple score.

    How many C Way looks do you get?

    At five to three months, Sailors may submit an application for transition into SELRES if they were not selected for reenlistment or rate conversion. During that timeframe, Sailors will receive three looks for transition to SELRES within a different rate. If not selected, then the Sailor must separate from the Navy.

    What program entitles Sailors receive financial assistance?

    The Navy's Seaman to Admiral Program is a commissioning program in which Sailors keep their benefits, pay, and privileges while they receive a scholarship to attend college to earn their degree and their commission as a Naval officer.

    What does CWAY mean?

    FAQs for Extension of Enlistments to Complete. The Career Waypoints (C-WAY) system is a corporate Information Technology system which provides a mechanism for matching personnel inventory to requirements with the best performing Sailors.

    Can I retire as an e5 in the Navy?

    Until 2005, an active-duty sailor could retire as an E-5, but since then, the service dropped the time limit at the rank to 14 years of service. Currently, there are about 1,000 E-5s with over 13 years of service and almost 2,400 who are over 12 years.

    How long can an 04 stay in the Navy?

    5 answers. It typically takes 10 years to become 04 and you can stay until you decide to retire usually. It depends how long they stayed in when they are still active duty.

    Can you serve 40 years in the military?

    Enlisted members can generally continue serving until their thirty-year mark, and officers can continue until around 40 years of service, with a few exceptions for those who make it to the highest leadership position(s) in their branch of service.

    What is the maximum percentage if any of must promote recommendations?

    Must Promote is limited to the top 15 percent of time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion-eligible senior airmen and the top 10 percent of time-in-grade/time-in-service promotion-eligible staff and technical sergeants.

    What is detachment for cause quizlet?

    What is detachment for Cause? Administrative removal due to unsatisfactory performance or misconduct.

    What is the purpose of the HYT program?

    The High Year Tenure (HYT) Program is a vital and effective force shaping tool to properly size and shape the active and Reserve Navy. This is a total force policy which establishes standardized length-of-service (LOS) gates by pay grade balanced with a waiver process that allows Navy to retain the right Sailor.

    Is PMK-EE mandatory?

    Sailors who advance through the Meritorious Advancement Program are required to complete PMK-EE by the first day of MAP open season. Additionally, Sailors who automatically advance to E-4 upon completion of an A School must successfully complete PMK-EE prior to advancement.

    Do you have to do PMK-EE every year?

    Passing this military knowledge exam is required for sailors in order to be eligible for advancement to the next paygrade. However, it must only be passed once at each paygrade level and is not required for each subsequent advancement cycle.

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