Where Are Shipping Bolts On Washer

Do all washing machines have shipping bolts?

Secure Washer Drum

A washing machine's tub has a suspension system that allows the drum to move freely. This system prevents damage from vibrations when the drum spins or agitates. Most washer brands come with shipping bolts or washer locks and you can usually get replacements online.

Where are the shipping bolts located on an LG washer?

Does top load washer have shipping bolts?

Top-loaders usually require you to wedge foam or cardboard between the drum and the case. For a front-loader, you'll typically insert shipping bolts in the rear of the washer to secure the drum. If you no longer have the original locks, contact the manufacturer to purchase some.

How do you transport a top loading washing machine?

If you do not have a packing ring, place heavy blankets or towels into basket opening. Close lid and place tape over the lid and down the front of the washer. Keep lid taped until the appliance is placed in a new location. Transport washer in the upright position.

How do I turn off LG shipping bolts?

The first are for shipping bolts attached to the rear of your washing machine. If the bolts are still there, remove them by using the wrench provided with your washer. Loosen the bolts by turning them counterclockwise. Once loosened pull them out.

How do you move a Whirlpool front load washer?

Position the Whirlpool machine upright against a wall of the cargo container. Release the dolly strap and pull the dolly away. Cover the top of the machine with a shipping pad and wrap it around the body. Tie the washing machine securely in place against the container wall with rope.

How do you secure a front load washer for moving?

Install washer locks or foam: Refer to your owner's manual for help securing the drum during the move. Top-loading machines may simply require you to wedge cardboard or foam between the drum and the case. Front-loaders are often secured by inserting shipping bolts in the rear of the machine.

Are washing machine shipping bolts universal?

Longer bolts belong in the bottom two openings on the panel. Some washers utilize bolts that are uniform in size. These are universal bolts, meaning they will fit in any of the four openings. Use a socket and wrench to tighten your shipping bolts, ensuring they will not be jostled loose during transport.

Is it OK to transport a washing machine on its back?

It's recommended you always keep a washing machine in an upright position. Laying a washer on its side can cause the inner and outer tubs to bump against each other, which can loosen support pads or damage the suspension.

How do you move a heavy washing machine by yourself?

Tilt the washer to one side and slide the dolly underneath it. Carefully lift it back up, so it rests upright on the dolly. Secure the appliance with rope or moving straps. Move the washing machine.

Do you need to drain a washing machine before moving it?

Before moving, shipping or storing, you'll need to drain excess liquid from all parts of the machine. Once the machine is properly drained or winterized, storing it properly – particularly if for a long period of time – is the key to having a washer that's ready to go back into service when you need it.

How do you remove transit bolts from a top load washer?

How do you remove the bolts from a GE top load washer?

What do washing machine shipping bolts look like?

Will using a washing machine with transit bolts damage?

The bolts can rip sections off the outer tank, tear through the outer casing and cause massive damaging vibrations to be sent through the room in which the washing machine is installed. In other words, by not doing as instructed you risk major damage to your washing machine.

How do you push a washing machine back into place?

How long can a washer and dryer sit without being used?

Dry everything

Residual water or moisture can sit in your washer while in storage, causing mold and rust. Make sure to thoroughly wipe down the machine after it has drained. You should leave the door to the washer open for a minimum of 24 hours before your move to dry out any additional moisture.

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