What Type Of Crop Is Sorghum

What category is sorghum?

Overview and description. Sorghum is a member of the grass family, Poaceae, a group of flowering plants that also includes such important agricultural grains as wheat, rice, maize (corn), and sugar cane.

Is sorghum rabi a crop?

Crop based cropping system

Rabi sorghum is sown after a fallow period (kharif) in certain medium to deep soil areas where the rainfall frequency is high. However, double cropping of black gram/ green gram/ cowpea (fodder) and rabi sorghum is recommended wherever found operationally feasible.

Is sorghum a kharif crop?

Sorghum is grown in the kharif (rainy season) and rabi (post rainy season) but the share of kharif is higher both in terms of area under cultivation and production. Over 48% of the area under sorghum cultivation in the country is in Maharashtra and Karnataka. for this grain.

Why sorghum is called Camel crop?

Explanation: Sorghum crop is considered as camel crop because of resistant to drought. It has earned this name because of its ability to grow in arid soils and withstand prolonged droughts.

Is sorghum a grass?

Sorghum is a coarse, upright grass used for grain and forage. Grain sorghum or broom sorghum is shorter, bred for higher grain yields, and is also called “milo.” This annual grass needs little water and thrives during long, hot summers.

What is kharif crop?

The Kharif season differs in every state of the country but is generally from June to September. These crops are usually sown at the beginning of the monsoon season around June and harvested by September or October. Rice, maize, bajra, ragi, soybean, groundnut, cotton are all types of Kharif crops.

Which are Kharif and Rabi crops?

Rabi crops- wheat, barley, oats, gram, mustard, linseed. Kharif crops- rice, maize, millet, ragi, pulses, soybean, groundnut.

What is Chari crop?

Chari is the most important cereal fodder crop grown in summer/ rainy season and gaining more popularity in India because of its high yield. There are single, two multicut varieties/ hybrids of sorghum giving one to six cuts per crop producing 50-100 tonnes of green fodder/ hectare.

Is sorghum a type of wheat?

2 Sorghum is a member of the grass family (as are the gluten grains), but it is more closely related to corn than it is to the gluten grains wheat, barley, and rye.

Where is sorghum grown?

Where is grain sorghum grown in the U.S.? Sorghum is traditionally grown throughout the Sorghum Belt, which runs from South Dakota to Southern Texas, primarily on dryland acres. Sorghum farmers had another strong year in 2020, harvesting an average of 73.2 bushels per acre.

What plant family is sorghum in?


Is sorghum the same as guinea corn?

Guinea corn also known as sorghum is a nutritious gluten-free cereal belonging to the Poaceae grass family. It is commonly called guinea corn or dawa in Nigeria and jowar in India.

Why is sorghum not popular?

Fact: Sorghum is used for animal feed, but it's also starting to make its way into human consumption in the U.S. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization, the world food consumption of sorghum has remained stagnant because it's considered in many countries as an inferior grain.

What is the scientific name of sorghum?

Great Millet

Which is the camel crop?

Explanation: Jowar crop is called Camel Crop because of its ability to grow in arid soils and withstand prolonged draughts.

What is poor man's crop?

The sweet potato was originally considered to be a “poor man's crop” in Nepal due to its low input requirements, easy growth, and ability to grow even in poor weather and soil conditions.

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