What Is There To Do On Cape Cod Today

What can you do for free in Cape Cod?

Free Things to Do in Cape Cod!

  • Enjoy the Cape Cod Canal.
  • Feed the Fish at Sandwich Fish Hatchery.
  • Visit the Woods Hole Science Aquarium.
  • Tour the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory.
  • Bike the Cape Cod Rail Trail.
  • Climb Scargo Tower.
  • Catch a Cape Cod Baseball League Game.
  • Visit a Lighthouse.
  • Are there any free beaches in Cape Cod?

    Most town-managed Cape Cod beaches have no admission fee. You can walk in or bike in at no charge - even in the summer months. You'll only have to pay if you want to park your vehicle in the town-owned lot.

    What should I do on a day trip to Cape Cod?

    Plan the Ultimate Beach Day on Cape Cod

  • Cape Cod National Seashore. With 40 miles of pristine sandy coastline, the Cape Cod National Seashore is full of lighthouses and scenic beaches.
  • North Beach Island.
  • Mayflower Beach.
  • Old Silver Beach.
  • Breakwater Beach.
  • Paine's Creek Beach.
  • Shining Sea Bikeway.
  • Sandwich Boardwalk.
  • Which side of Cape Cod is better?

    If you plan on taking several day trips to Martha's Vineyard or even visit Newport, Rhode Island then staying in Falmouth or Woods Hole right at the southwestern tip of Cape Cod is best. Falmouth is one of the best walking towns on Cape Cod with a long Main Street and lots of great shops and restaurants.

    What should you not miss on Cape Cod?

    But don't miss out on these quintessentially Cape Cod experiences:

  • Go On A Whale Watch.
  • Bike The Cape Cod Rail Trail.
  • Overdose On Ice Cream.
  • Watch A Menemsha Sunset.
  • Tour All The Local Lighthouses.
  • Rollerblade The Cape Cod Canal.
  • Climb To The Top Of The Provincetown Monument.
  • Walk The National Seashore.
  • Is Cape Cod worth a day trip?

    A day trip to Cape Cod from Boston is not only possible, but worth it. “Summer in the Cape” is practically a cliché at this point and for good reason: Cape Cod is beautiful, especially in the summer. It's full of quaint towns with darling architecture, beautiful beaches and outstanding food.

    Do you need a sticker for Cape Cod beaches?

    For new visitors to Cape Cod it is helpful to know that in most cases, access to public beaches is administered by individual towns, often in the form of a pass or sticker. Beach-going residents of Cape Cod often purchase a season pass for their town.

    What time do Cape Cod beaches stop charging?

    Orleans beaches start charging for parking on weekends, starting May 25, 2019; weekdays, starting June 15, 2019; the last day they charge is September 2, 2019. Hours of beach operation are 7:30am – 4:30pm.

    What time do Yarmouth beaches stop charging?

    Open 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Fees: Non-resident beach sticker fees are $15 for the day, $70 for the week, and $175 for the season. Seasonal beach stickers are available at the Yarmouth Town Hall, 1146 Route 28, South Yarmouth, and at the Chamber of Commerce, 424 Route 28 West Yarmouth .

    How many lighthouses are in Cape Cod?

    Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard are home to 22 majestic lighthouses, one of the highest concentrations of lighthouses anywhere.

    Who built scargo Tower?

    The first tower was built in 1874 by the Tobey family. Constructed out of wood, it was destroyed by a gale in 1876.

    What is the richest town in Cape Cod?

    Martha's Vineyard. With approximately 15,000 permanent residents and nearly 100,000 summer residents, the Vineyard is one of the most affluent on the East Coast.

    Where do celebrities stay in Cape Cod?

    On Cape Cod, celebrities don't stay at your local motel/hotel but instead stay in private houses overlooking the ocean, especially on Martha's Vineyard. Michael J. Fox even named his daughter "Aquinnah" after the village on Martha's Vineyard.

    What is the most charming town on Cape Cod?

  • Hyannis.
  • Falmouth.
  • Yarmouth (Including Yarmouth Port, South Yarmouth, and West Yarmouth)
  • Provincetown.
  • Chatham. Chatham is located on the "elbow of Cape Cod." Chatham has absolutely stunning beaches and a lovely main street.
  • Mashpee. Mashpee is the town in between Falmouth and Hyannis.
  • What food is Cape Cod famous for?

    Cape Cod has long been known for its local seafood, and you won't find a restaurant anywhere in the region without seafood on the menu. Fried fish, especially fried clams, are considered the ultimate Cape Cod meal. Another favorite is lobster, broiled with butter sauce.

    How many days do you need in Cape Cod?

    We suggest you spend 3 days on Cape Cod. This is enough time to explore some of the most popular attractions, dine at the best restaurants, and stay at the best bed and breakfast on Cape Cod!

    What is so special about Cape Cod?

    Perhaps it's the irresistible combination of its unique natural beauty - miles of beautiful, white-sand beaches and dunes and lush, fascinating marshes teeming with wildlife - its charming history dating back to the 17th century, and its abundance of family-oriented activities, and beautiful Cape Cod vacation rentals.

    Should I go to Cape Cod or Martha's Vineyard?

    Attracts an Adult Crowd. While the Cape is geared towards families and younger people, the laid-back, slow-pace of life on Martha's Vineyard holds appeal for an older crowd, with the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism suggesting the majority of visitors to Martha's Vineyard are 35 years and older.

    How do people spend 3 days in Cape Cod?

  • Check Into the Chatham Gables Inn.
  • Visit the Local Beaches.
  • Treat Yourselves to a Whale Watching Excursion.
  • Where should you go in Cape Cod?

    For ideas, see our list of the top tourist attractions in Cape Cod and the islands.

  • Cape Cod National Seashore. Cape Cod National Seashore.
  • Nantucket. Nantucket.
  • Provincetown. Provincetown waterfront.
  • Martha's Vineyard.
  • Cape Cod Whale Watching.
  • Race Point Beach and Lighthouse.
  • Sandwich.
  • Chatham and the Marconi Maritime Center.
  • Can you swim in the ocean in Cape Cod?

    Visiting the beach may be the highlight of your visit to Cape Cod National Seashore. Swimming in the sea, watching wildlife, or relaxing on the beach - there are many opportunities. Follow safe beach and ocean practices to protect the seashore and yourself!

    Is it safe to swim on Cape Cod?

    The main danger you can face while swimming in the Cape waters, is the abundance of sharks on Cape Cod. The number of sharks on Cape Cod has been on the rise since protective legislation in the 90s and the booming population of their prey, the grey seal.

    Can you drive to Race Point Lighthouse?

    You can get to the lighthouse by walking or your own four-wheel drive vehicle with the proper permit; we do not provide public transportation for the tower tours. The lighthouse will be open from 10:00am to 2:00pm.

    Which side of Cape Cod is warmer?

    Actually, it's my understanding that the ocean side, that is, the south side of Cape Cod, generally has the warmer water, although the bay side can get warm if the water is shallow.

    Can you sleep on the beach in Cape Cod?

    Imagine waking to the sounds of the surf, seagulls diving, and seals frolicking in your "front yard". Beach camping, here we come! No, not the kind of sleep-outs where you pitch your tent or roll out your sleeping bag at the water's edge. (Open-air and tent camping aren't allowed on Cape Cod beaches.)

    Can you drink alcohol on Cape Cod beaches?

    In the 400 miles of Massachusetts shoreline, drinking is only permitted on beaches that lie in the Cape Cod National Seashore (the easternmost section of Massachusetts), so take your pick out of any one of its beaches to post-up and enjoy yourself.

    Is Seagull Beach free?

    This beach was just down the road from our resort and all the area hotels. There is a daily admission fee ($11) with ample parking. There are vending machines on site but no restaurant / snack bar, so be sure to pack a lunch and snacks. Despite it's name, the number of seagulls was ironically light.

    Does Seagull Beach have waves?

    Seagull Beach is one of the prettiest Nantucket Sound beaches in the Mid-Cape region (IMHO). It's huge, the sand is light and soft, the waves are gentle, and the views of the Sound are panoramic.

    Where are the warmest beaches on Cape Cod?

    Cape Cod's Nantucket Sound have the warmest (if not of the most beautiful color) ocean water that reaches into lower and sometimes mid 70s degrees in the heat of the summer.

    Can you see Nantucket from Cape Cod?

    Nantucket is 30 miles off the coast of Cape Cod, though a fast ferry gets you there in an hour, and mainly everything a visitor could want to see is in walking distance of the ferry terminals.

    Can you visit Sandy Neck Lighthouse?

    Accessibility: The lighthouse is privately owned and is not open to the public. It is best seen by boat and can be seen from whale watches leaving Barnstable Harbor.

    Is Chatham Lighthouse Beach Open?

    Though typically closed to the public, Chatham Light is occasionally open to tourists during the summer months. Admission is free. The signs are there to educate and protect the public. Lighthouse Beach is not guarded by lifeguards.

    What is the highest point on Cape Cod?

    Cape Cod

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