What Is There To Do In Hyannis Today

Is Hyannis worth visiting?

Typical Cape Cod small town community mix of businesses, restaurants, ice cream shops, clothing shops and attractions, but a bigger town in a large county. Worth a visit for a family vacation visit. Downtown is close to great ferry service to the islands.

Which is better Falmouth or Hyannis?

Downtown Falmouth is more quaint New England and classier than Hyannis town center, which has a little more of a developed beach town feel, in my humble opinion. There are great beaches anywhere you stay along the Cape, and for cultural/educational visits you can drive to nearby Sandwich.

What is there to do in Hyannis at night?

Best fun things to do at night near Barnstable, MA

  • Flashback Retro Arcade + Bar + Grille. 0.6 mi. 61 reviews.
  • Ten Pin Eatery. 0.7 mi. $ Bowling, Sports Bars, Arcades.
  • Cape Cod Melody Tent. 0.8 mi. $$ Music Venues.
  • Ryan Family Amusements. 4.6 mi. Amusement Parks.
  • Cape Cod Inflatable Park. 2.9 mi.
  • Edward Gorey House. 4.1 mi.
  • Is Hyannis a nice town to visit?

    Technically a village in the enormous Town of Barnstable, Hyannis offers a refined and charming getaway on Nantucket Sound. Hyannis is also a great launching point for a day trip to ever-classy Nantucket, as the Steamship Authority, located in Hyannis, provides hour-long ferry service to the island.

    Is Hyannis MA Safe?

    Considering only the crime rate, Hyannis Port is as safe as the Massachusetts state average and safer than the national average.

    Where can I park for free in Hyannis?

    HYANNIS – The Town of Barnstable has announced that they will be adding additional complimentary parking in the down town area of Hyannis. The Red Cross lot located on 299 South Street will now be free and available to the public for parking.

    What is the nicest part of Cape Cod?

    Best places to stay in Cape Cod

  • Provincetown. This is a great resort for a holiday any time of the year.
  • Falmouth and Woods Hole. Attractions in and around Falmouth are many and there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Martha's Vineyard.
  • Nantucket.
  • What is the coldest month on Cape Cod?

    Average Temperature in Cape Cod

    The coldest month of the year in Cape Cod is January, with an average low of 27°F and high of 38°F.

    What is the best time of year to go to Cape Cod?

    The best time to visit Cape Cod is May, June, September or October. These shoulder months usher in pleasant temperatures for outdoor pursuits, fewer crowds than the busy summer season and reasonable room rates.

    How long does it take to get from Hyannis to Nantucket?

    Two ferry lines - Hy-Line Cruises and the Steamship Authority - provide convenient, year-round service from Hyannis to Nantucket. Both run high-speed passenger catamarans with a travel time of approximately one hour. The Steamship Authority also runs a traditional car-and-passenger ferry, with a 2 ¼ hour cruise time.

    Who is the richest person in Massachusetts?

    Abigail Johnson is the richest person in Massachusetts and the 27th richest person in America with a net worth of $25.2 billion.

    What famous people live in Chatham Ma?

    Our Famous Celebs in Chatham

  • John F.
  • Meg Ryan – one of the most popular US actresses lived in numerous rented homes in Cape Cod.
  • Dan Aykroyd – the famous comedian, actor, producer and screenwriter has lived in a house on Martha`s Vineyard for many years.
  • Harry Connick, Jr. –
  • What are the poorest towns in Massachusetts?

    Here Are The 10 Poorest Cities In Massachusetts

  • Brockton. Flickr/Timothy Valentine. Per capita income: $21,942.
  • Southbridge. Flickr/Doug Kerr.
  • Flickr/JON_CF. Per capita income: $21, 579.
  • North Adams. Flickr/Doug Kerr.
  • Fall River. Flickr/MOTT.
  • New Bedford. Flickr/Henry Zbyszynski.
  • Chelsea. Flickr/C Hanchey.
  • Holyoke. Flickr/Doug Kerr.
  • Do any celebrities live in Cape Cod?

    A few celebrities have even owned the same Cape Cod homes. Gregory Peck owned a home in Cape Cod in the 1940s that was previously owned by James Cagney. The Farrelly brothers have owned several properties in Cape Cod. They have also filmed several of their movies in the Northeast.

    Does Taylor Swift own a house on Cape Cod?

    Taylor Swift bought a New House on Cape Cod on Marchant Avenue in Hyannisport, Barnstable, MA. You can see that the satellite photographs match the photographs of the house. Taylor Swift bought a New House on Cape Cod on Marchant Avenue in Hyannisport, Barnstable, MA.

    Who is the most famous person in Massachusetts?

    You May Be Surprised To Learn These 12 Famous People Are From Massachusetts

  • Steven Carell (Concord) Wikimedia Commons/Montclair Film Festival.
  • Amy Poehler (Newton) Wikimedia Commons/Peabody Awards.
  • Bette Davis (Lowell)
  • John Krasinski (Newton)
  • Chloë Sevigny.
  • Dr.
  • Conan O'Brien (Brookline)
  • Leonard Nimoy (Boston)
  • What is the cutest town in Cape Cod?

  • Hyannis.
  • Falmouth.
  • Yarmouth (Including Yarmouth Port, South Yarmouth, and West Yarmouth)
  • Provincetown.
  • Chatham. Chatham is located on the "elbow of Cape Cod." Chatham has absolutely stunning beaches and a lovely main street.
  • Mashpee. Mashpee is the town in between Falmouth and Hyannis.
  • What town in Cape Cod has the best beaches?

  • Hyannis | Cape Cod.
  • Nantucket | Nantucket Island.
  • Edgartown | Martha's Vineyard.
  • Falmouth | Cape Cod.
  • Oak Bluffs | Martha's Vineyard. Martha's Vineyard claims two of the five spots for the top 5 beach towns in Mass.
  • Can you walk around Hyannis?

    If you are in Hyannis you must walk thru town.it is you quintessential beach town with a slew of restaurants to chose from. tiny shops to browse in I enjoyed myself and of course we ate and shopped but to be honest, if you have been in one beach townyou have been in them all! still this is Hyannis!

    Is Hyannis Massachusetts nice?

    Hyannis is quite a busy and commercial town. It is a good base as it has all the facilities but wouldn't be pretty and laid back like Newport or The Vineyard. Provincetown is great fun lots of good shooping, bar and places to eat.

    What does the word Hyannis mean?

    A community of southeast Massachusetts on Nantucket Sound on the southwest part of Cape Cod.

    How much does it cost to park at Hyannis ferry?

    Calling our Hyannis Parking Information Line at (508) 775-PARK (7275)

    Parking for Nantucket Travelers.

    RATE PER CALENDAR DAY Parking Lot Hyannis Main Lot 65 South Street Hyannis, MA 02601
    4/1/2021 thru 4/30/2021 $10.00
    5/1/2021 thru 6/14/2021 $15.00
    6/15/2021 thru 9/14/2021 $20.00
    9/15/2021 thru 10/31/2021 $15.00

    Can you take your own car to Nantucket?

    While cars are allowed on Nantucket, it's much easier to get around on foot, bike, shuttle or ride share like Uber. The island is small, parking is limited and the cost to bring your car by ferry is expensive, so we recommend walking, riding a bike or moped, or renting a car.

    How much is parking in Hyannis?

    Parking for Nantucket Travelers

    Parking Lot 11/1/2020 thru 12/14/2020 9/15/2021 thru 10/31/2021
    Off-Site Yarmouth Road Lot 75 Yarmouth Road Hyannis, MA 02601 $10.00 $12.00
    Off-Site Brooks Road Lot 30 Brooks Road Hyannis, MA 02601 $10.00 $12.00

    What towns should I visit in Cape Cod?

    These are the towns and villages where you can do just that:

  • Falmouth Village.
  • Hyannis.
  • Harwichport.
  • Chatham.
  • Provincetown.
  • What is Cape Cod known for?

    Cape Cod is famous for sandy beaches, lobster rolls, and laid-back fun. But the Cape and Islands have also been the inspiration for some incredible, unique brands and products inspired by seaside life. Here are some favorite originals Made on Cape Cod!

    Why is Cape Cod so popular?

    One of the world's most well-known summer vacation spots, Cape Cod is famous for its beautiful beaches, laid-back lifestyle, and connection to the Kennedys.

    Where do locals eat on Cape Cod?

    10 Places Locals Love to Eat in Cape Cod

  • Captain Linnell House.
  • Cuvée at Chatham Inn.
  • Ceraldi.
  • Far Land Provisions.
  • Water Street Kitchen.
  • Keltic Kitchen.
  • Gerardi's Cafe.
  • Relish.
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