What Is A Narsum

What happens during a med board?

The board usually consists of two physicians at minimum, and when it involves psychiatric or dental cases, a third specialist is put on the case. All medical records and a letter from the commander stating how the condition affects the soldier's ability to perform their job are reviewed.

What does a Peblo do?

A Physical Evaluation Board Liaison Officer (PEBLO) assists service members as they undergo the medical discharge process.

Can you fight a med board?

If you disagree with just the disability rating(s) you were given, you can appeal to the Physical Disability Board of Review (discussed below). You will need this for any later appeals you may file.

What is Narsum army?

The purpose of the NARSUM is to simply describe the history and severity of the service member's medical conditions and their impact on the service member's ability to perform their job duties. After their review, the MEB determines the medical acceptability of each of the service member's conditions.

Can I reenlist with a medical discharge?

A discharge code of RE-3P is assigned to former sailors who were discharged from the Navy for medical reasons. If a waiver is granted, the former sailor will be notified and can then reenlist in the military. Contact a military recruiter and make an appointment to discuss rejoining the military.

What benefits do you get with a medical discharge?

If you received a medical discharge under honorable conditions, including a general discharge, you're entitled to nearly all of your VA benefits. You may also qualify for VA disability compensation if you were injured while serving, or a condition you had was made worse while serving in the military.

How do you get medically separated from the military?

A service member will be medically separated when the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB) finds the service member rated less than 30%. This type of separation begins the process of severing Department of Defense (DoD) benefits. A service member separating will receive involuntary separation pay.

Can I still work with 100% VA disability?

Quick Answer: A veteran generally can still work while receiving VA disability but not always. Are you getting a 100% schedular rating, or 100% unemployability (aka, TDIU or IU)? Veterans that receive 100% Schedular ratings have no limitation on working.

How do you get medically retired from the Army?

To qualify for disability retirement, the Soldier must be deemed unfit for military service and have a disability rating of at least 30 percent. The monthly retirement pay begins immediately after retirement and continues for the duration of the retired member's lifetime.

What is a Rilo in the air force?

You asked about Medical Evaluation Boards on Tuesday, and this is what we found out… We dove into the AFPC process called the RILO, Review In Lieu Of, Medical Evaluation Board. This process is used to return Airmen back to duty when their medical conditions don't require a lengthy and involved MEB process.

Is mental health a dishonorable discharge?

The military may discharge for “other designated physical and mental conditions” servicemembers who have conditions that do not qualify for a disability discharge, but “that potentially interfere with assignment to or performance of duty….” Personality disorders are the most common grounds for discharge under other

Why flat feet is not allowed in military?

Those with flat feet are not suited to marching - they can sustain spinal damage. The government may not care if one is killed, but cannot take the chance of anyone's seeking a disability pension.

Can you rejoin the military after honorable discharge?

There are several types of discharges that can keep you from re-enlisting in the service, including a bad conduct discharge, an "other than honorable discharge" and a dishonorable discharge. On the other hand, if you received a general or honorable discharge, you may qualify for re-enlistment.

Can you rejoin the military after being other than honorable discharge?

The most severe type of military administrative discharge is other-than-honorable conditions. In most cases, veterans who receive an other-than-honorable discharge cannot re-enlist in the Armed Forces or reserves, except under very rare circumstances.

What is a DD-214?

What is a DD214? The Defense Department issues to each veteran a DD-214, identifying the veteran's condition of discharge - honorable, general, other than honorable, dishonorable or bad conduct. You can find a sample DD-214 which can help you determine if a veteran served in armed combat HERE.

What qualifies for medical discharge?

A physical or psychological condition that interferes significantly with an individual's fitness for duty can be grounds for discharge. Each Service's disability evaluation system will determine if a servicemember is unfit for duty due to physical disability. Not all medical problems amount to a disability.

How does a medical discharge work?

Medical discharge is given to military service members who acquire a medical condition that deems them no longer fit for duty. To qualify as Unfit for Duty, the injured or ill service member in question must go through a multi-step process called the Integrated Disability Evaluation System, also known as IDES.

What is the difference between medical retirement and medical discharge?

There is a significant difference between a medical separation and medical retirement. If a member is unfit for duty but has a disability rating is less than 30 percent, and there are less than 20 years in the service, the result is a medical separation with severance pay.

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