What Does It Mean To Say The Residence Time Of Water In The Atmosphere Is Nine Days

What is the residence time of water in the atmosphere?

Based on state-of-the-art data, we derive a global average residence time of water in the atmosphere of 8–10 days.

What is atmospheric residence time?

expressed in terms of the residence time, the average time spent by a molecule in the atmosphere after it leaves a source and before it encounters a sink.

What does it mean to say the residence time of water in the ocean is 3200 years?

Residence time is defined as the amount of water in a reservoir divided by either the rate of addition of water to the reservoir or the rate of loss from it. The oceans have a water residence time of 3,000 to 3,230 years;…

What is mean residence time in pharmacokinetics?

The MRT is calculated by summing the total time in the body and dividing by the number of molecules, which is turns out to be 85.6 minutes. Thus MRT represents the average time a molecule stays in the body. It can be used to estimate the average time a drug molecule spends in the body.

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