What Does Ie Mean In Theatre

What is IE Theatre?

IEU theatre production is a club based in the Segovia campus. It focuses on learning the basics of acting and theatre production. The club usually aims to do two plays a year, either both student written or one student written and one contemporary/classical.

What are the Theatre terms?

Glossary of Theatrical Terms

Term Definition
Stage Left The left hand side of the stage when looking from the stage towards the audience.
Stage Right The right hand side of the stage when looking from the stage towards the audience.
Stalls Floor level seating for the audience.

What does IE mean for thespians?

About Individual Events (I.E.)

are designed to showcase individual and small group acting and musical theatre talent in your school as well as give your students constructive feedback from adjudicators who are professional theatre artists.

What is the oldest theatre in Ireland?

It went on to have a profound impact on Irish theatre, increasing interest in Irish-made works, becoming an important element in the Irish Literary Revival and producing early plays by many of the country's best playwrights, including works by its founders as well as people like George Moore and Seán O'Casey.

Why do they call it the Scottish play?

The Scottish play and the Bard's play are euphemisms for William Shakespeare's Macbeth. According to a theatrical superstition, called the Scottish curse, speaking the name Macbeth inside a theatre, other than as called for in the script while rehearsing or performing, will cause disaster.

How can I check Myspian points?

You can download point record sheets in the member services section of EdTA's website. A Thespian moving to another affiliated school is entitled to transfer his or her membership by having the new troupe director verify the membership with the ITS home office.

How many Thespian troupes are there?

Membership currently stands at approximately 139,000 student members across 5,000 schools. The one millionth Thespian was inducted in 1976 and the two millionth Thespian was inducted in 2009. As of 2019, there have been over 2.4 million Thespians inducted.

What do Thespians do?

Thespian with an uppercase “T” refers to a member of the International Thespian Society, the world's largest honor society for theatre students. The designation “Thespian” includes student members who excel in technical and production fields as well as performance in their high school theatre.

What is a false exit in acting?

In the theatrical arena, a well-executed “false exit” will surprise and fool the audience into a fit of laughter. The Actor makes a dramatic exit, but immediately and unexpectedly returns for one last foolish word or forgotten item.

What is a blue out in theatre?

1) Complete absence of stage lighting. Blue working lights backstage should remain on and are not usually under the control of the board, except during a Dead Blackout (DBO), when there is no onstage light.

What is flat in theatre?

A flat (short for scenery flat) or coulisse is a flat piece of theatrical scenery which is painted and positioned on stage so as to give the appearance of buildings or other background. Flats can be soft covered (covered with cloth such as muslin) or hard covered (covered with decorative plywood such as luan).

What is Traverse in drama?

A traverse stage is long and narrow with the audience sitting on either side, like a catwalk. As with theatre in the round, the audience can see each other, which helps to remind them that they are at the theatre and immerse them in the action on stage.

What does downstage mean in drama?

If a performer walks towards the front of the stage, approaching the audience, this area is referred to as downstage, and the opposite area of the stage further away from the audience is called upstage.

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