How Does A Two Stage Variable Speed Furnace Work

What's the difference between a 2 stage furnace and a variable speed furnace?

A two-stage furnace has low and high stages of operation. During the low stage, the furnace uses as little energy as possible to heat your home. A variable-speed furnace contains a computerized blower motor chip that monitors the airflow inside your home to determine how much heat to generate and release.

How does a 2 speed furnace work?

Two-stage heating means the furnace has two levels of heat output: high for cold winter days and low for milder days. Since the low setting is adequate to meet household heating demands 80% of the time, a two-stage unit runs for longer periods and provides more even heat distribution.

What is variable speed two stage furnace?

FYI: "Variable Speed" refers to the blower motor - how much air it moves through the ductwork. "Two-Stage" refers to the gas valve and burners - basically how much heat the furnace puts out.

Do 2 stage furnaces run more often?

Two-stage furnaces run for longer, steadier periods than single-stage furnaces do. This lets them better regulate the home's interior temperature.

Are 2 stage furnaces quieter?

A two stage furnace is quieter and generates more even heat through the house. The longer, slower heating cycle eliminates the kind of rapid warming that many people find uncomfortable from a single stage furnace.

Does a 2 stage furnace need a special thermostat?

A two-stage thermostat may need more wires than your current programmable thermostat. If you plan to keep your home at a constant temperature, you don't need a two-stage thermostat. If you want to vary the temperature of your home during the day or night, a programmable two-stage thermostat is the way to go.

How does a variable speed furnace work?

Variable speed furnaces are able to run at a range of speeds, rather than one speed as traditional furnaces do. The differing speeds control heating and cooling airflow through the home. Throughout operation, the furnace monitors incoming data from your HVAC system to automatically make blower motor speed adjustments.

Is a variable speed blower furnace worth it?

A high-efficiency variable speed furnace can reduce your utility bills. Higher rated furnaces save you money because they use less power while heating your house to the same temperature. Additionally, variable speed furnaces are more efficient than traditional models.

What does Stage 2 mean on a thermostat?

When the thermostat on a dual-stage furnace reads “Stage 2,” it implies that the furnace is operating at the higher setting, giving you 100 percent of its capacity. Usually, the lower setting of a dual-stage furnace is sufficient to provide household comfort almost 80% of the time.

How do I know if my furnace is variable speed?

  • Check your thermostat for variable heat settings, such as low and auxiliary heat.
  • Locate the model number of your furnace, either by checking in the product manual or by looking directly on the front of furnace or inside the front panel.
  • What is the benefit of a 2 stage furnace?

    The ability to switch between two power modes makes two-stage furnaces more energy-efficient than their single-stage counterparts. The low power mode allows the unit to conserve energy as well as reduce temperature fluctuations and uneven heating in your home.

    How do I know if my furnace is 2-stage?

  • 2-stage conventional heating will have wires leading into the W1 and W2 terminals.
  • 3-stage conventional heating will have wires leading into the W1, W2, and W3 terminals.
  • 2-stage conventional cooling will have wires leading into the Y1 and Y2 terminals.
  • How does variable speed work?

    Variable speed compressors work by using an inverter to speed up or slow down the motor according to heating or cooling load. Instead of all the power going directly into a traditional AC compressor (which runs at a fixed speed), the inverter provides the compressor with a specific voltage, essentially saving energy.

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