Does Blue Daze Come Back Every Year

Will blue daze come back after freeze?

After a hard freeze, blue daze will die back for the winter. In early spring around March 1, trim it to a few inches from its main source. Start watering and fertilizing it. Soon blue daze will grow back and bloom from May to the first freeze.

Can you overwinter blue daze?

While you are pruning, note that you can overwinter blue daze by taking cuttings from established plants during the summer. Place the cuttings in a cool location that receives plenty of sunlight and water them once in a while.

Is blue daze annual or perennial?

ANSWER: Blue daze is a perennial, but it is cold sensitive. Expect damage when temperatures dip below freezing. Tossing a mulch or cloth over plants used as a ground cover likely would protect them adequately from the cold.

Will Blue Daze grow in shade?

Blue Daze loves Full Sun but will tolerate some afternoon shade. If it is too shady, it may not bloom for you. Blue Daze is also one of the best plants for pots as pots tend to dry out very quickly compared to your flower beds. Or if you have and area in your landscape that does not get as much water as others.

Why are my blue daze dying?

Blue daze requires a well-draining soil that is moist, not flooded. The plant will not grow in soggy soil. If left with "wet feet," the plant will quickly contract fungal disease and eventually die.

How big does a Blue Daze plant get?

Blue Daze reaches about 12 inches tall, spreading outward to about 24 inches. This low-growing form makes it the perfect plant for the front of the border.

Can you divide Blue Daze?

Blue daze often roots where the stems touch the ground, and these rooted stems are suitable for planting. Sever the rooted portion from the parent plant, and then dig and plant the section, either in a container or a sunny garden spot.

Is Blue Daze full sun?

Blue Daze thrives in garden hotspots that threaten less-hardy plants, Pemberton said. It grows and blooms best in full sun, Pemberton said, and produces fewer flowers in areas that are too shady. The plants' grey-green foliage serves as a backdrop for small but plentiful brilliant blue funnel-shaped flowers.

How do you prune a Blue Daze plant?

  • Tall or leggy plants may be cut or pinched back to stimulate strong new growth.
  • Cut or pinch stems of flowering or foliage plants just above leaves or old leaf joints.
  • Thin excess growth so remaining growth will be more vigorous.
  • "Deadhead" - remove faded flowers or seedheads to stimulate new flowering growth.
  • Are Blue My Mind and Blue Daze the same plant?

    Blue My Mind is a new genus from Proven Winners® offering stunning deep sky blue flowers with silver-toned foliage. Blue My Mind is better branched and has larger flowers and more impact than 'Blue Daze' and is drought, heat and humidity tolerant. A great choice for Southern gardeners.

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