Are Tom Hanks And Colin Hanks Related

Is Colin Hanks related Tom Hanks?

Colin Lewes Hanks (né Dillingham; born November 24, 1977) is an American actor, producer, and director.

Colin Hanks
Parent(s) Tom Hanks Samantha Lewes
Relatives Chet Hanks (half-brother) Rita Wilson (stepmother) Jim Hanks (uncle) Larry Hanks (uncle)

Why did Colin Hanks change his name?

His last name at birth was Dillingham, his mother's name, but he changed it to Hanks after his parents married.

Who is Colin Hanks father?

Colin Hanks

Is Tom Hanks son adopted?

Chester Marlon Hanks (born August 4, 1990), known professionally as Chet Hanx, is an American actor and musician.

Chet Hanks
Children 1
Parent(s) Tom Hanks Rita Wilson
Relatives Colin Hanks (half-brother) Jim Hanks (uncle) Larry Hanks (uncle)

Who are Tom Hanks son's?

Who is Colin Hanks birth mother?

Colin Hanks

Who is Colin Hanks married to?

Colin Hanks

Who is Colin Hanks wife?

Colin Hanks

Does Tom Hanks have a brother who is an actor?

Who is Tom Hanks daughter?

Tom Hanks

How tall is Colin Hanks?

Colin Hanks

What show is Tom Hanks son in?

Is Sophie Hanks Tom Hanks daughter?

In 2011, Hahn was seen as Tom Hanks' daughter, Sophie, a young pageant girl that appears on the show, Toddlers & Tiaras, in a comedy skit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, as well as another comedy skit playing Topher Grace's childhood friend in a Pie Face commercial.

What is Tom Hanks son doing now?

Truman Hanks

The 25-year-old also works in the film industry. The Stanford University graduate was part of the camera department for Marvel's Black Widow, and is working on the upcoming West Side Story film.

What does Tom Hanks son do for a living?

What does Elizabeth Ann Hanks do?

Elizabeth Ann Hanks

Do Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have a child together?

Wilson married actor Tom Hanks in 1988. They have two sons, Chester and Truman.

Which Tom Hanks brother was in Forrest Gump?

Jim Hanks
Jim Hanks
Relatives Tom Hanks (brother) Larry Hanks (brother) Colin Hanks (nephew)

What is Tom Hanks Brothers name?

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